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KMCI Principal publishes two new books

July 16, 2005. Alexandria, VA -- KMCI Managing Director and CEO Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. announced today that KMCI Senior Executive Vice President, Professor Steve A. Cavaleri has published two major new books in pragmatic Knowledge Management. The first, co-authored with Sharon Seivert, and Professor Lee W. Lee, is Knowledge Leadership: The Art and Science of the Knowledge Based Organization (KMCI Press/Butterworth-Heinemann, 2005). The second, co-authored with Professor David S. Fearon, is Inside Knowledge: Rediscovering the Source of Performance Improvement (Quality Press, 2005). Of the two works, KMCI Managing Director, Joe Firestone said

"these two volumes continue Professor Cavaleri's work in bringing Knowledge Management out of the clouds and into the context of organizational practice. Knowledge Leading is one of the nine core activities of KM. and Knowledge Leadership promises to become the classic in the field on this subject.

Inside Knowledge, on the other hand, uses a fictional tale to teach the pragmatic knowledge approach to organizational performance improvement and its seven principles to those lucky enough to read this delightful book, which will surely make its mark on those looking to enhance organizational learning, knowledge and performance.

Steve's two new books will provide the basis for two one-day workshops Steve will be teaching for KMCI this fall. Watch for forthcoming new releases about these new workshops on Knowledge Leadership and Principles of Pragmatic Knowledge Management.