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Definition of the New Knowledge Management


Firestone and McElroy's Excerpt from The Open Enterprise: A KMCI Online Press Publication
Firestone and McElroy's Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book
Firestone's Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book

The Open Enterprise

Key Issues in
The New KM

Enterprise Information
Portals and KM

Knowledge Leadership

The New KM

McElroy's The New Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book
Welcome to the Home of the New Knowledge Management

Organizational Survival
in the New World

Bennet and Bennet's Organizational Survival in the New World: A KMCI Press Book

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What KM Is Not!

Cavaleri's Knowledge Leadership: A KMCI Press Book

Dates, Locations and Registration

CKIM Face-to-Face Workshops

CKIM™ - Certificate in Knowledge and Innovation Management: Full Five-day Workshop

March  26 - 31, 2012, Washington, DC (click here to register)

CKIM Workshop Schedule for 2012:

June 4 - 8, 2012

August 27 - 31, 2012

October 22 - 26, 2012

To register for any workshop in 2012, 
register for the March Workshop, and 
indicate in the comment box that you're 
registering for the 2012 CKIM workshop
you have in mind.

CKIM™ In-House - These classes are scheduled privately for individual customers. Contact Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. for more information.

One Day Face-to-Face Workshops

The New Knowledge Management: KM Concepts and Strategy

Date to be Determined, Washington, DC (click here to register)

The Open Enterprise

Date to be Determined Washington, DC (click here to register)

KMCI’s Washington, DC programs are usually held at the following hotel (click here).

KMCI Distance Learning Workshops (Details Here)

  1. Theoretical Foundations of Knowledge Management: the Gateway Workshop (click here to register)

  2. Knowledge Management Strategy and Case Studies (click here to register)

  3. KM Methodology: K-STREAM and Its Core Tools, Part 1 (click here to register)

  4. KM Methodology: K-STREAM and Its Core Tools, Part 2 (click here to register)

  5. K-STREAM, Part 3, and Wrap-up ((click here to register)

  6. Riskonomics: Reducing Risk by Killing Your Worst Ideas (click here to register)

  7. Risk Intelligence Metrics (click here to register)

  8. The Open Enterprise: A Strategic Vision for KM (click here to register)

  9. What Is Knowledge? (click here to register)

  10. How Is Knowledge Made? (click here to register)

  11. KM, Measurement, and Metrics (click here to register)

  12. KM, Balanced Scorecards and Adaptive Scorecards (Coming)

  13. Selecting Knowledge: Killing One's Worst Ideas through Fair Critical Comparison (click here to register)

  14. Critical Rationalist Knowledge Management (click here to register)

  15. Knowledge Management and Knowledge Retention in Organizations (Coming)

  16. Knowledge Management and Information Technology (Coming)

  17. Knowledge Management and Sustainable Innovation (click here to register)

  18. Critical Morality: Developing Objective Knowledge about Facts and Values (Coming)

  19. Knowledge Management Teams: What Kinds of Skills Do You Need? (Coming)

  20. Enterprise Knowledge Portals and Knowledge Management (Coming)