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McElroy's The New Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book
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Core Tools Used In K-STREAM™

ithink's Role in K-STREAM™

ithink is K-STREAM's™ core tool for causal and dynamic modeling, using the well-developed and well-tested system dynamics method. But it also plays a key role in the broader context of K-STREAM's™ patterned causal and dynamic modeling process. The process begins by using other tools to specify an ontology for discourse, to visualize cause and effect relationships, and to formulate an initial version of a causal model describing the organizational system or enterprise of interest. It continues by using ithink along with the results of earlier modeling to formulate an ithink model to evaluate the quality of the assumptions used in the initial model, and to further develop the causal model using ithink's extensive capabilities. Finally, in later phases of K-STREAM™, once data is developed for model testing, the causal and dynamic model resulting from ithink simulation-based evaluation, is used to provide input to multivariate analysis and neural network modeling tools. These are used to arrive at better estimates of the causal relationships underlying the ithink system dynamics model. Free demo licenses to use ithink are provided to all K-STREAM™ attendees by its developer, isee systems in Lebanon, NH (

Expert Choice's Role In K-STREAM™

Expert Choice (EC) is a core tool in K-STREAM™. It uses the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) developed by Thomas L. Saaty, Ernest H. Forman, and their collaborators over a period of thirty-plus years. EC has multiple and varied uses in K-STREAM™. First, EC is used to develop, structure, and customize an ontology of concepts and hierarchical relationships for use in KM policy and program analysis and impact measurement. Second, it is also used to select concepts, descriptors, indicators, and relationships to construct measurement modeling hierarchies for use in measuring quality of organizational functioning, quality of knowledge processing, quality of knowledge outcomes, and other key constructs. Third, EC's ability to elicit direct assessments of indicator values is used to arrive at ratings of the current and target environments in gap analyses of where the organization stands relative to where it wants to be. Fourth, EC is used to develop cause-and-effect relationships and initial importance weights for them to be used in system dynamics modeling. And fifth, EC is used to develop value interpretive models that translate impact measurements into benefit-cost terms for measuring non-monetary ROI. Free trial licenses to use Expert Choice are provided to all K-STREAM™ attendees by its developer, Expert Choice, Inc. in Arlington, VA (