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Distance Learning Workshop 3: Knowledge Management Methodology: K-STREAM and Its Core Tools, Part 1

KM Strategies are implemented through 
Policies, Programs, and Projects, using 
techniques and tools. Such implementations 
are done best when they are done systematically. 
This workshop is the first of three focused on 
K-STREAM (tm), KMCI's methodology for 
implementing KM Programs and Projects, 
and also its core tools. The Workshop 
will cover: KM Methodology and K-STREAM; 
K-STREAM Overview; K-STREAM Phase 1: 
Strategy/Assessment Phase; Expert Choice: 
A Core KM Tool with Multiple Functions; 
Expert Choice Tool Presentation, High-
level Ontology Modeling and Measurement 
Modeling; The Open Enterprise Template (a 
detailed framework for measurement modeling); 
Presentation on Simile: A Core System Dynamics 
Tool; and Discussion on Strategy Assessment 
Phase at your organization.

The Workshop Syllabus is available here.

The Workshop is taught by Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. Dr. Firestone's credentials are available here.

Text and other materials for the workshop include:

Steven J. Spear, Chasing the Rabbit, New York, 
NY: McGraw-Hill, 2009

The Green Mountain Manufacturing KM case 
and hands-on exercises. (.pdf)

The KMCI K-STREAM(TM) Methodology Baseline 
(.pdf file listing the steps in K-STREAM(TM))

An ExpertChoice Trial License (see 

The Business Process Performance Template 
(a KMCI Model applying ExpertChoice) and a 
no-cost license to use this ExpertChoice 
template in perpetuity

The Open Enterprise Ontology Template (a 
KMCI Model applying ExpertChoice providing 
a framework for measurement modeling in the 
domain of organizational adaptive functioning) 
and a no-cost license to use this ExpertChoice 
template in perpetuity.

In addition, a set of extensive course notes
will be provided, and a Certificate of
Completion will be issued upon completion
of the Workshop.

The Workshop is available weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can reserve it one week or earlier from the date you want to take it. After that time, you may still be able to enroll in the Workshop, if others have already scheduled it. But if it hasn't been scheduled, you still may not be able to enroll if another workshop has been scheduled for the same day. Register here for the K-STREAM and Its Core Tools, Part 1 Workshop.