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What Are Some of K-STREAM's™ Other Key Attributes?

Among the hallmark features of the K-STREAM™ methodology are the following:

1. Its orientation towards meeting the needs of senior (and serious) knowledge management executives and practitioners, who are responsible for: (1) devising KM strategies at a corporate level, (2) managing related implementation, deployment, and program management efforts, and (3) who therefore need a comprehensive approach they can rely on for managing end-to-end KM functions, a blueprint for KM!

2. Its thorough approach to planning, implementing, and managing KM assessments and interventions based on: (1) robust conceptual frameworks including KMCI's 'Three-tier New KM Reference Model,' the Organizational Complex Adaptive Systems Framework, the Decision Execution Cycle/Organizational Learning Framework, the Knowledge Life Cycle Framework, the Knowledge Claim Evaluation Framework, the Knowledge Management Framework, the KM Metrics Framework, the K-STREAM™ Project Templates, and the Enterprise Knowledge Portal (EKP), and (2) compatibility with many methods, techniques, and tools for implementing assessments and interventions, and for measuring and evaluating impact

3. Its end-state vision for KM strategies. Here, K-STREAM™ offers a unique strategic vision of what KM practitioners should be shooting for in terms of achieving high-performance knowledge processing systems in business, and how to build, refine, and maintain them. We call this model 'The Open Enterprise,' and every K-STREAM™ licensee receives a customizable specification of it

4. Its heavy emphasis on the use of modeling as a planning technique for devising and testing intervention concepts before actual interventions are made. Every K-STREAM™ class includes training on related tools, adapted to K-STREAM™ for ease of use. Modeling techniques covered include cause and effect, statistical, measurement, system dynamics, prioritization, and others

5. Its explicit support for a variety of common and popular KM techniques and interventions, such as: Communities of Practice (CoPs), Storytelling, Knowledge Mapping, Knowledge Audits, Knowledge Cafes, Social Network Analysis, Group Decision Process Methods, Cultural Analysis, Value Network Analysis, Semantic Network Analysis

6. Its treatment of key third-party Information Technology tools such as: Collaboration, Portals, Group Decision Process, Modeling and Simulation, Information Aggregation, Semantic Network Analysis, Taxonomy, e-Learning, Data Mining, and others

7. Its use of the patent-pending Policy Synchronization Method™ from Macroinnovation Associates, LLC for achieving sustainable innovation

8. All K-STREAM™ attendees from end-user firms receive licenses to use K-STREAM™ and the Policy Synchronization Method™ from Macroinnovation Associates, LLC

9. Every K-STREAM™ program also features guest instructors from third-party tool vendors, providing attendees with knowledge of both K-STREAM™ itself and a selection of tools that can support it

These and many other important and valuable aspects of K-STREAM™ are covered in this new and ground-breaking program from KMCI!