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Why Don’t We Write Much About KM Policies?

August 25th, 2008 · No Comments


In my last post, I asked why we in KM don’t write much about KM strategies. Here I ask the same question with respect to policies. Policies and strategies are not the same. A high-level plan for achieving strategic goals and objectives, and ultimately a strategic vision may include a number of policies. On the other hand, Knowledge Managers may have policies they implement without explicit strategies. So, again, why don’t we see much discussion of KM Policies? And why don’t we think much about KM policies? Here are some examples of the variety of KM policies:


— Enhance Knowledge Claim Evaluation by supporting Fair Critical Comparison


— Make KM the handmaiden of enterprise strategy


— Reinforce self-organizing tendencies in all areas of knowledge processing


— Enhance Knowledge Sharing activity in the Enterprise


— Create an Enterprise supporting sustainable innovation


— Support informal and open knowledge processing in CoPs, Blogs, Social Networks, teams, and informal groups


— Create and support ethodiversity among Enterprise Staff


— Disrupt established patterns of knowledge processing

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