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Definition of the New Knowledge Management


Firestone and McElroy's Excerpt from The Open Enterprise: A KMCI Online Press Publication
Firestone and McElroy's Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book
Firestone's Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book

The Open Enterprise

Key Issues in
The New KM

Enterprise Information
Portals and KM

Knowledge Leadership

The New KM

McElroy's The New Knowledge Management: A KMCI Press Book
Welcome to the Home of the New Knowledge Management
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Organizational Survival
in the New World

Bennet and Bennet's Organizational Survival in the New World: A KMCI Press Book

Next CKIM Knowledge Management Workshop November 12-16, 2009

CKIM Knowledge Management Training Workshops
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What KM Is Not!

Cavaleri's Knowledge Leadership: A KMCI Press Book

Simply The Best in Knowledge Management Training!

CKIM Certificate Workshop

Since 1997, KMCI has been offering top-of-the-line knowledge management training courses taught by some of the best known thought leaders in the field. KMCI’s flagship five-day face-to-face Certificate in Knowledge and Innovation Management, or

provides practitioners with a powerful blend of KM theory and practice, the combination of which meets the needs of KM professionals at all levels of experience, regardless of industry.

Want Training Convenience?

KMCI Offers Flexible Distance Learning in Knowledge Management When You Can Free Up a Day

 See the KMCI Distance Learning Program

KMCI also offers two One-Day Workshops on selected KM topics. Our 2009 one-day program features Workshops on:

CKIM   provides attendees with a broad survey of competing views on what KM is, why some views fare better than others, what the New KM is, and how to achieve Sustainable Innovation by building and maintaining Open Enterprises. This 5-day course also covers KMCI’s revolutionary KM methodology, K-STREAM. Attendees receive an executable methodology for designing and implementing KM strategies, a target state design specification, instruction in the use of supporting tools, and appropriate licenses for associated methods and related software. (click here for sample syllabus)

CKIM In-House

See List of Previous KMCI Attendees